Monday, July 23, 2007


Aunt Sarah making smores and Cousin DJ
and Colby eating marshmallows!

Troy and Colby walking in the woods! Melany and Tracy getting to know Kalli
What a busy weekend! On July 13th (Our Anniversaryand it was also Friday the 13th!) we went to Omaha to my doctor's appointment, all went well and then we were off to Duncan, NE where Troy grew up and his grandpa and lots of family live. We went camping for two nights with a 3 year old and a 1 month old in a tent! It was fun! Colby spent the whole day on Saturday in the river. His new nickname is riverrat! Sorry no pics, I didnt want my camera wet! Plus we got to spend time with lots of family and introduce Kalli! Kalli loved camping, the first time she had ever slept all night was in a tent. What a tomboy all ready!

Men in thongs! Oh I mean sandals! Sorry Uncle Mitch!

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The Hagan Clan said...

Very cute pics. Maybe i that what i should do go camping and maybe Dalten will sleep all