Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Week!

Well it was another fun week! Kalli had her 2 Month check-up. She weighs 11lbs. 13.5 oz and 22 3/4" long. She also got 3 shots and some oral medicine last week. She ran a 100.9 degree temperature for a couple of days and had a little bit of diarrhea! That was not fun! But overall the doctor said she is healthy and she is definitely a happy girl! Plus she sleeps through the night! Yeah for me! Colby got a new pet! A CAT! We were not planning on getting one, but we were just wasting sometime in McCook on Saturday and we went to the Humane Society. We saw a kitty we liked and its birthday is the same day as Kalli's, so we got it! I told Colby do not tell dad lets see if he sees it and figures it out. 1 minute later Troy walked in the door and Colby yelled Dad we got a kitty. Troy was a little upset we had planned on waiting till Kalli got older, oh well he got over it!

Cowgirl Kalli

Colby and Kalli, Kalli's eyes are blue right now and Troy is very happy about that. He says she has something of his. He hopes she keeps the blue eyes, to get the boys. Ya, ask him about that in 16 years!

Colby and his new kitty Daisy Duke

We went through a million names and was named Sandy and Candy for awhile. But now I think this name has stuck!

Colby, Daisy and Bowser. Bowser is our white Boxer and he is a house dog. Since Saturday this has been the way it is, the dog and the cat having a stare down! Then the dog gets brave and the cat scratches his nose. Then I holler at them and they stare again. At one point on Sunday the dog was growling, the cat hissing, Colby yelling and Kalli crying, I wanted to run away. I was thinking what have I done??

Kalli is a very happy baby and you know when you do have to get up at 5 AM it isn't so bad when you see a smile like this!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Chase County Fair

Well the Chase County Fair has come and gone and of course we were there everyday! We love the fair, but we are all happy it is over and we can get back on a routine and get some sleep!

Here is Colby and I on the carousel!

Colby on a helicopter

Colby on the dinosaurs. It is amazing, a year ago Colby was scared and wouldn't do too many things by himself, in public that is, NOW he is NOT scared of anything!

This is Kalli sucking her thumb! I always pull all my neice and nephews thumbs out when they would suck on them and said no plugs or pacifiers. But now my daughter sucks her thumb! Oh well, I guess! Kalli spent fair with Grandma Joan and in the stroller!

Colby and cousin Eli playing in the sand during the beef show!

Colby and cousin Lex fooling around

Here is a group of the Maddux family at the fair. My brother Mike, my sister Lori, two of Lori's boys Eli and Austin, you cant really see but Lori's other boy Lex and Mikes son Trevor and Colby are over there, Mikes wife Barb and their daughter Megan!

We are getting ready for the demo derby! Mikey Andrew, Mitch Hoskovec, Troy, Colby, Sarah Hoskovec

Colby is a real dancer any more! He was real shaking his thing at the demo derby in between the heats! Boom Chick-a-wow-wow!

Colby and Troy watching the parade! It was good but long, Colby got tired of getting candy about 3/4 through! So I had to help, ya candy will really help my weight loss plan! What was I thinking! If anyone wants candy let us know, we still have some from Harvest Fest!

Showing cattle is a big part of the fair for the Maddux's! Here is Mike and Jessie with her steer. She got a purple ribbon, which is really good and got to go back into the round for Grand Champion. We are proud of her!

Colby is sweeping the beef barn for Jessie. He thinks he should take a bucket calf next year! I guess wait and see!

Jessie and her calf! I asked her what his name was, she laughed being almost 18, you know naming an animal that will be at McDonalds in a few weeks is probably crazy, but she said Red Bull after the drink, but it is not a bull, so Red Steer! So original Jessie!

More getting candy! Colby and Eli Lee! I don't know why this picture got downlaoded down here! Oh well

Yes that is right folks, Colby got his first tattoo! We all knew it would happen. At least this one will wash off!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The begining of the CHASE COUNTY FAIR

Well it is that time of year again! It seems like we are in Imperial everyday, but what fun the food, the entertainment and the heat!!! Well here is some pictures of Colby doing the Kids Ranch Rodeo! They told us he was to young for the Mutton Bustin! Talk about one upset 3 year old! So we had to go get a snowcone and sit in the shade for a little while! But it was fun to watch and look out him next year, he will show those sheep!

Wendy from Home Town Agency helped Colby since I had Kalli! Thanks Wendy! And yeah Colby, he got second place. He got candy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


We were really disappointed when Walmart got rid of there photo place! So with no where to take the kids to get there pictures done, with out paying a fortune, I have been playing around with taking pictures! If anybody knows of a place to get pictures done, without paying alot of money, please let me know!

This picture looks better printed off. If you look close it is Colby with Papa's horse! We entered some of these pics into the photo contest in Wauneta. Didn't win, but hey it is fun to try!

Spending time at Home

Here is some pictures of the kids at home! We havn't been doing too much, to hot!

Well I don't know if you would call him a cowboy in this picture, but it is one way to carry your gun!

Just relaxing on the couch!

Harvest Fest

I am behind in blogging again! Wauneta's Harvest Fest was July 27th-29th. We had alot of fun, in fact so much we didn't have time to take too many pictures. Plus it rained during the parade, but we still got plenty of candy!!!! Colby was not shy or scared about anything this year, it is amazing what a year can do for you. Kalli slept through everything all weekend in her stroller. Even the ambulance and fire sirens did not bother her!

We went to the water fights of course! This was the first year Troy or I have not been actually in the water fights, but it was still fun! Colby was a wet rat, he had great fun! He slept really good for grandma and papa that night!

Here is a group of kids that are around Colby's age, they were getting ready to play duck-duck-goose! How they got them all to sit so still was amazing! Ha!

Here is Colby and Garrett Hannah digging for nickels! Colby got a whole pocket full.