Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Week!

Well it was another fun week! Kalli had her 2 Month check-up. She weighs 11lbs. 13.5 oz and 22 3/4" long. She also got 3 shots and some oral medicine last week. She ran a 100.9 degree temperature for a couple of days and had a little bit of diarrhea! That was not fun! But overall the doctor said she is healthy and she is definitely a happy girl! Plus she sleeps through the night! Yeah for me! Colby got a new pet! A CAT! We were not planning on getting one, but we were just wasting sometime in McCook on Saturday and we went to the Humane Society. We saw a kitty we liked and its birthday is the same day as Kalli's, so we got it! I told Colby do not tell dad lets see if he sees it and figures it out. 1 minute later Troy walked in the door and Colby yelled Dad we got a kitty. Troy was a little upset we had planned on waiting till Kalli got older, oh well he got over it!

Cowgirl Kalli

Colby and Kalli, Kalli's eyes are blue right now and Troy is very happy about that. He says she has something of his. He hopes she keeps the blue eyes, to get the boys. Ya, ask him about that in 16 years!

Colby and his new kitty Daisy Duke

We went through a million names and was named Sandy and Candy for awhile. But now I think this name has stuck!

Colby, Daisy and Bowser. Bowser is our white Boxer and he is a house dog. Since Saturday this has been the way it is, the dog and the cat having a stare down! Then the dog gets brave and the cat scratches his nose. Then I holler at them and they stare again. At one point on Sunday the dog was growling, the cat hissing, Colby yelling and Kalli crying, I wanted to run away. I was thinking what have I done??

Kalli is a very happy baby and you know when you do have to get up at 5 AM it isn't so bad when you see a smile like this!


The Hagan Clan said...

Kalli is so dang cute Julie! Bryan is the same way about Dalten his eyes are still blue and Bryan is just loving it, he also made the same comment Troy did, i look at him like ya right all the kids look like

Wheelers said...

That's a pretty kitten! Kalli is sooo cute-I love her smile & her eyelashes are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

The photo of Colby on the couch with the cat and the dog in front of him is so funny. And Kalli is an absolute dolly.

Adorable kids...

The Vrbi

Madduux's said...

very cute pictures!! Hope you have better luck w/ kittys than we do!!Dogs eat them or they ride away w/ the neighbors haha!!

sixbehrs said...

Your kids are beautiful, too! Thank you for the comment on my blog. Looks like you have a busy house!

Blackmans said...

Hi Julie!
I loved checking out your blog! You have two adorable kids there! Your pets are pretty cute too!