Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Chase County Fair

Well the Chase County Fair has come and gone and of course we were there everyday! We love the fair, but we are all happy it is over and we can get back on a routine and get some sleep!

Here is Colby and I on the carousel!

Colby on a helicopter

Colby on the dinosaurs. It is amazing, a year ago Colby was scared and wouldn't do too many things by himself, in public that is, NOW he is NOT scared of anything!

This is Kalli sucking her thumb! I always pull all my neice and nephews thumbs out when they would suck on them and said no plugs or pacifiers. But now my daughter sucks her thumb! Oh well, I guess! Kalli spent fair with Grandma Joan and in the stroller!

Colby and cousin Eli playing in the sand during the beef show!

Colby and cousin Lex fooling around

Here is a group of the Maddux family at the fair. My brother Mike, my sister Lori, two of Lori's boys Eli and Austin, you cant really see but Lori's other boy Lex and Mikes son Trevor and Colby are over there, Mikes wife Barb and their daughter Megan!

We are getting ready for the demo derby! Mikey Andrew, Mitch Hoskovec, Troy, Colby, Sarah Hoskovec

Colby is a real dancer any more! He was real shaking his thing at the demo derby in between the heats! Boom Chick-a-wow-wow!

Colby and Troy watching the parade! It was good but long, Colby got tired of getting candy about 3/4 through! So I had to help, ya candy will really help my weight loss plan! What was I thinking! If anyone wants candy let us know, we still have some from Harvest Fest!

Showing cattle is a big part of the fair for the Maddux's! Here is Mike and Jessie with her steer. She got a purple ribbon, which is really good and got to go back into the round for Grand Champion. We are proud of her!

Colby is sweeping the beef barn for Jessie. He thinks he should take a bucket calf next year! I guess wait and see!

Jessie and her calf! I asked her what his name was, she laughed being almost 18, you know naming an animal that will be at McDonalds in a few weeks is probably crazy, but she said Red Bull after the drink, but it is not a bull, so Red Steer! So original Jessie!

More getting candy! Colby and Eli Lee! I don't know why this picture got downlaoded down here! Oh well

Yes that is right folks, Colby got his first tattoo! We all knew it would happen. At least this one will wash off!


Dave Ja Vu said...

What a great time! I see you got the music thing figured out! Good songs!

The Hagan Clan said...

Awesome Awesome pics of the kids... looks like you guys had a blast! Love the pic. of you lil girl sucking her thumb too cute!

Madduux's said...

YEa good songs I need time to figure that out!! that will be fun!! Thanks for all the great pictures you took wow what a great big Maddux family haha!!oh & someday ,Jessie will really like those of her & her Dad, & all the fun with the steers!!