Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Harvest Fest

I am behind in blogging again! Wauneta's Harvest Fest was July 27th-29th. We had alot of fun, in fact so much we didn't have time to take too many pictures. Plus it rained during the parade, but we still got plenty of candy!!!! Colby was not shy or scared about anything this year, it is amazing what a year can do for you. Kalli slept through everything all weekend in her stroller. Even the ambulance and fire sirens did not bother her!

We went to the water fights of course! This was the first year Troy or I have not been actually in the water fights, but it was still fun! Colby was a wet rat, he had great fun! He slept really good for grandma and papa that night!

Here is a group of kids that are around Colby's age, they were getting ready to play duck-duck-goose! How they got them all to sit so still was amazing! Ha!

Here is Colby and Garrett Hannah digging for nickels! Colby got a whole pocket full.

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Dave Ja Vu said...

It looks like they enjoyed the annual Harvestival! What fun!