Sunday, September 30, 2007

The End

Colby, Ryan Large (Jessie's B-Friend), Jessie and Kalli

Colby and Troy stacking wood
Colby decided he needed to do my hair for me! He said he would make me one hot mamma!
Troy and Kalli were sticking there tounges out! I wasn't quick enough to get Kalli's tounge out!
Mike, Jessie and Barb
Don't they look nice!

Mother and Daughter

Barb and Jess

It's the END of September and fall is definitely here! It was cool today and WINDY! Did anybody else notice that?!? So we had chili for supper, yummy! Always a cool day favorite! Troy and I are both at the END of colds. Never a fun time and there is so many going around. Troy and Colby went and cut wood for our wood stove. Colby is becoming a good helper! He helped to load and stack the wood. We went to the volleyball and football game Friday night! It was good games. A tough loss in football, but what can you do? It is the END of volleyball for Jessie Maddux, my niece, she hurt her shoulder, that is a whole other story, but it was senior parents night. So Jessie and Mike and Barb all got recognized! I am glad Jessie is still supporting her team even though she can't play. Colby and Kalli wore Wau-Pal Bronco shirts and were happy to cheer for there favorite team. Colby also cheered for his favorite cheerleader Bryn Vapenik! HA! It was a very busy week and I think next week will be too! But I guess I wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't! THE END!

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