Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well it was a mini Hoskovec reunion over the weekend at the lake at Cambridge where Troy's mom and dad live. Troy's brother Todd was back along with his wife who is expecting and daughter Elisabeth, who we have not seen in 2 whole year! They live in Virginia and we sure did enjoy seeing them. We got to know little Elisabeth and we all love her so much. We hope to see them a little more than 2 years. Troy's sister Michelle and three kids Trey, Tristen and Sierra came down and brought Grandma Georgia. We only see them a couple times a year too, so it was good to see how the kids have grown. Then of course Troy's brother Mitch and his wife Sarah and Troy's mom and dad, Mike and Peg and us Troy, Julie, Colby and Kalli. Which I have to say even though we see them alot, we LOVE every minute of seeing them. Oh and how could I forget we brought our dog Bowser, Mitch's dog Zip and Mike and Pegs dogs Dandy, CC and cat Sherlock. They are a part of the family too. We didn't do anything really special just had fun being a family! And that was the best part! I am putting in a whole bunch of slides because I have so many pictures! Mike was calling me the Wauneta Breeze, I think I prefer the Hoskovec Herald! Here are a few of my favorites. Oh and by the way in my last blog I stated I had 12 nieces and nephews, that was just on the Maddux side! I have 18 nieces and nephew! What a lucky girl I am!

The Hoskovec MEN

Little man Colby, Troy, Mike, Todd and Mitch
Aww how sweet! Mike and Peg, we had to get them to kiss like 5 times because they were to quick to get the picture!
Awww! Mitchy, Mitchy and Sarah smooching it up!
Colby and one of his favorite aunts Sarah
Troy telling us what he thought of the weekend


The Hagan Clan said...

awesome awesom! looks like you guys had a awesome time... Michelle. has three kids now! WOW boy you have alot of niece and nephews... you are lucky!

The Hagan Clan said...

love the "Hoskovec Herald"

Anonymous said...

What a great time. OMG, I haven't seen Todd since high school about 13 years ago! They all look good. And Sierra looks exactly like her mom!

What a great time!


"Hoskovec Herald" is funny! Russ and Tina might get after ya for the Wauneta Breeze! hee hee