Tuesday, September 4, 2007


It's September all ready, can you believe it! The past week Colby had to go to work. He helped his Papa, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Barb stack bales. He thought it was so cool! Poor kid he has so much to learn. He also got to help Papa bale big round bales, he was very proud of that. I am very HAPPY that Colby gets to grow up with all of the family so close. He is going to learn the values of hard work! I went to North Platte with Sarah Hoskovec, my sister-in-law, on Saturday with out any kids! I should have brought my camera, we had fun just goofing around. But we had to laugh because every where we went I kept saying I am forgetting something, I don't go any where with out at least one of the kids or at least the diaper bag! HA! Then yesterday was the Labor Day Auction, the Granddaddy of them All! How can you not love it! I got a couch for $10 and a box of good Wrangler jeans for $2! Plus a breast collar and stirrups for a saddle for $5. Oh ya and a sunburn!

Kalli is still sucking her thumb, Troy laughs that is is going to poke her eye out, she has not learned to make a fist yet!
Happy as always!

Papa Joe, Uncle Mike and Colby
Aunt Barb, Colby and Mike
Look at all those bales and that isn't even all of them
I took some new pictures of the kids. It is Grandparents Day September 9th, so I am working on some stuff for them!
Colby gets real tired of mom taking pictures.

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The Hagan Clan said...

the first pic of the kids is just awesome... i love it! you have a great eye for that stuff!