Friday, September 14, 2007

What this MOM has to put up with!

OK, this week has been full of excitment. One day I was washing dishes and Colby was quiet, as a parent you should know right away something was wrong, so I turn around to see Colby with a glue stick. Colby loves chapstick so I go running over and ask Colby did you put that on your lips! He says ya and smiles. I guess it would have been nice to have it be quiet for awhile, but we wiped it off.
Then another day Colby shows me a picture, "Look Mom I made this for you!" Oh how nice I thought as I notice those are not the stickers I told him he could have, those are my postage stamps!
Then the other night we were getting Colby ready for bed and we ask him do you need to go pee? He says, "Ya I love to go pee!" When I hug him and tuck him into bed he says, "Mom, I love peeing and pooping, it is my favorite!" Without laughing I say that is great son, I am so happy for you!
We played hide and go seek this week too. Colby does not have it figured out. When he counts of course sometimes he does good, it is only to 5 or 10, he is only 3, but other times is is 1, 3 8, 7, 10, ready or not. And he does not close his eyes and he will follow you around. Then if you tell him to hide he is laughing so hard, it is easy to find him. And if you pretend to walk by him he yells, "Here I am!"
But he got to stay all night with Grandma Joan and Papa one night and he had tons of fun. He slept on the couch, Papa's bed and the spare bed. He wants to stay every night now!
Colby also helped his dad work on vehicles and he got to go on lots of 4-wheeler rides. Or as he calls it on the wheeler. He helped me pick vegetable out of the garden and he helped me mow. OK, he walked along with his pretend mower where I had mowed! Can't wait till he gets big enough to actually mow!
Kalli is 3 months old on the 15th! She is holding her head up really good. She loves when someone talks to her. She would smile all day. Today she almost rolled over! It was really close! I was so excited! I hope I am the first to see it, working sometimes lets other people see your childrens firsts! Which sucks!
Troy came home early on Friday to spend time with the kids. They loved it! He went archery hunting for deer this weekend. He is so excited to be hunting again. He is like a little kid getting ready to go to McDonalds. He just can't wait! To me it sounds crazy to sit at the top of a tree or in a blind in a snow storm in the middle of a corn field and freeze to death to shoot an animal! But if it wasn't so cold I would be along beside him to take a picture of it! SO we all have our crazy favorite things to do and his puts food on the table.
So I guess that is our week in review! Hope you enjoy!

Kalli trying to rollover
Kalli holding her bottle all by herself for a whole whopping 20 seconds
Colby giving Kalli her first horsey ride
Look close it is Colby giving Kalli a ride in Grandpapas 78 Corvette!
Daddy loving on Kalli


The Hagan Clan said...

lol i love this post... i laugh through it sounds like are boys need to get together!

The Maris' said...

I remember Brittnae's kindergarten teacher calling me with a little problem. She told me that Brittnae seems to think her glue stick is chap stick, and would I please convince her otherwise!
So hang in there at least she uses carmex now...