Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First Time Eating

This is the first time Kalli ate ceral last week. She loved it and eats lots. Troy was gone on the truck and so I am taping it and trying to feed her at the same time! No sound, not sure why, but still a great video for the family to see one of her firsts!


She is a drool monster! I have a feeling we are going to get teeth soon!
She is starting to really like toys!

Kalli turned 4 months old on the 15th of October. She went to her check up last week! She weighs 14lbs and 14oz and is 25 inches long. She is growing and getting bigger everyday. She is intrigued by her brother, most of you who read this have more than one child, isn't it amazing how the younger child is so amazed by the older one. Kalli loves Colby so much and she is only 4 months old. She rolls over and she has figured out her toes. I caught her chewing on them yesterday. Her smile can melt your heart.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

After going to Jennifer's house we stopped at Walmart, you can't drive through McCook without stopping ;)! We got the rest of Colby's pirate costume for Halloween! He was posing for me! Please take note of the Earing, he does NOT like it!

Goofing Around!
Since me and the kids were dressed up, I asked Troy to take a picture! There are not too many pictures of me and the kids!!! I now know why, it took 10 pictures to get this one, where Colby didn't have his mouth open and that Kalli was smiling! It made Troy frustrated, but thanks to him for taking it and for Mikey Andrew to help get SMILES!
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Troy's Deer

Troy got his first deer with his bow and arrow! He shot it and it ran into the middle of a corn field, he could not find it! He looked for two days, with no luck! But they finally picked the corn and found it! So no meat, but since it was his first deer he shot archery hunting and since it was so big, he turned it in and we will mount the horns! Good Job Troy!

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Einspahr Baptism

Jennifer, Adrienne, Reilley and River Einspahr all got baptised on Sunday morning and also Clint and Jennifer joined the Methodist Church in Arapahoe, NE, where they live at! Most of the family on Jennifer's side were there and alot of Clint's family were there too! So after church we went to Jay's (Jennifer's) house and ate a delicious lunch! My count could be wrong but I got something like 17 adults (Over 18 and out of school) and 14 kids! We are so proud of there family!
Meet the Einspahrs-Jennifer, Adrienne, Clint, River and Reilley
They are so cute!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy Weekend

OK, I know everybody has these days, weeks, months, but boy does it seem like we are on the go all the time lately! We were somewhere different everyday this week! I have been working a couple of days a week at the Post Office and still unsure about all of it! Then I worked one day at the court house dealing with Ambulance billing and insurance companies. Next Kalli turned 4 months old and got 4 shots and oral medicine too! So she was running a fever and getting the poops! But thankfully she was better by Thursday, so we went to MOPS and MOPPETS! Which turned out to be Colby's bad day! Colby did not want to leave mom and threw a fit, I couldn't even bribe him (I know that is wrong!) So they told me to just walk upstairs and leave him, he would be alright! Which they were all right, but I was having a bad morning too, because of one of my bosses said some bad words to me that morning and so I stood halfway up the stairs listen to Colby cry and I almost started to cry! But he ended up having a fun time with his teacher Miss Kim and making a sock doll to talk to when he is afraid, just like talking to God. I am glad that Colby and I have gotten involved with MOPS, sometimes you need someone to talk too and it is a great time for Colby to be around kids that are his own age! Colby helped Papa and Uncle Mike move cows, wein calves, work them and also started putting up electric fence. He has been tired at night from "work"! We also had Antique pictures taken on Friday that we had to help with. Colby and Kalli got there pictures taken too, but the packages cost a lot of money so I don't know if I will get any!
Troy has been busy trucking. He drove clear down to Garden City, Kansas and all over Nebraska. You never know where in the world he might be! "Where in the world is Troy Hoskovec?" He did get our pen done for our pony in the back yard. So now we have our pony home, but with the different surroundings, he was a little bit onery! Oh well, you have to have patients with everything you do and make time to work with him! Grandpa and Grandma Hoskovec and Mitch and Sarah were down to visit on Saturday! We always love that! Also Uncle Todd is moving back to Nebraska! We are so excited!

Colby and Grandma playing!
Colby said slow down grandma and she was trying to teach him rythm!
Mom and Dad working with the horse!
Hey who has that camera? Don't take pictures of me!!!!
Colby made time to swing
Little Pony in the BIG Town
Colby enjoyed helping Grandpapa
Oh So Tired
Hey Uncle Mitchy, thanks for helping with the horse!

Hey Mom, Look Dad lets me get close to the horse with out him right beside me!
Luckiest 3 year old I know!
OK I download this one wrong, SORRY, but Colby was telling me what he thought of his horse!
Grandma, Kalli and Colby
Kalli trying to figure out what that brother is doing!?!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Wauneta-Palisade Homecoming was this past weekend! My niece Jessie Maddux was one of the candidates! 12 years ago she was one of the ring bears and my sister Jennifer was one of the canidates. Colby, Kalli and I went and watched the game, a loss, I think we jinx the team, every game we go too, they lose. No more games for us I guess!!! Jessie got 2cnd runner up, but she was very pretty and did a good job. My pictures didn't turn out the best, but what do you do! I need to sit down and play with them on my new program which is Picasa2. It is from Google, so just look it up from a search engine!

Jessie and Shane Lawless
Look close at who is driving the car! It is Ace, who as some of you might not know came home that day from Iraq! I gave him a big hug and thought it was cool he got to drive Jess!

Mike and Barb walked Jessie out, very proud parents!

Chris Crowell, Whitney Brown, Taylor Dixon (Who I believe was also one of the ring bearers 12 years ago), Jess, Shane Lawless, Stacee Wright! By the way Whitney and Chris were king and queen!

Jess getting a hug from a huge FAN!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Fall is here and it is beautiful! This past week has been crazy! I spent the first three days of it in North Platte, training for my post office job, which I start on Tuesday of this week! Mom and Dad watched the kids, a BIG thanks to them, they are GREAT! This is the first time that I have been gone from my kids for that long and been all by my self! It was nice, but I was home sick too! I got some good deals from the Goodwill Store though and Kalli's Halloween costume! By the way I forgot to post a few weeks ago that Kalli can roll over! Yeah for her! Back to our week- MOPS was on Thursday which Colby is really starting to enjoy and me too! This week Colby painted a pumpkin, it is beautiful! On Friday we spent time with family and Saturday we went to the horse sale! Troy went hunting Saturday and Sunday and saw some huge deer, too far away for his bow, but maybe next time.
Colby and I got out mom's Halloween box and had fun dressing up!
A Witch

Kalli hanging out!

Watch out for the drool!

On Friday Colby painted a picture and pumpkins for Aunt Sarah's birthday! Happy B-Day Sarah!

Thank goodness it was nice that day!

Colby helped me pick pumpkins this week, we had a nice harvest

Colby was trying to catch butterflys in my morning glorys

Colby Jay and his lil cutie pie!

Cute kids

Feet in the grass, gotta love it!

Kalli picking out her pumpkin

My family has been baling of course all summer, but it was time for cane right now. With all the rain they were lucky to get a really good crop! We would go and visit Papa on some afternoon's because he would start at 4 in the morning and go all day with no breaks! He is a real farmer and cowboy- 1 of a kind! I got these pictures of the sky and clouds too, I did nothing too them but click the picture!