Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy Weekend

OK, I know everybody has these days, weeks, months, but boy does it seem like we are on the go all the time lately! We were somewhere different everyday this week! I have been working a couple of days a week at the Post Office and still unsure about all of it! Then I worked one day at the court house dealing with Ambulance billing and insurance companies. Next Kalli turned 4 months old and got 4 shots and oral medicine too! So she was running a fever and getting the poops! But thankfully she was better by Thursday, so we went to MOPS and MOPPETS! Which turned out to be Colby's bad day! Colby did not want to leave mom and threw a fit, I couldn't even bribe him (I know that is wrong!) So they told me to just walk upstairs and leave him, he would be alright! Which they were all right, but I was having a bad morning too, because of one of my bosses said some bad words to me that morning and so I stood halfway up the stairs listen to Colby cry and I almost started to cry! But he ended up having a fun time with his teacher Miss Kim and making a sock doll to talk to when he is afraid, just like talking to God. I am glad that Colby and I have gotten involved with MOPS, sometimes you need someone to talk too and it is a great time for Colby to be around kids that are his own age! Colby helped Papa and Uncle Mike move cows, wein calves, work them and also started putting up electric fence. He has been tired at night from "work"! We also had Antique pictures taken on Friday that we had to help with. Colby and Kalli got there pictures taken too, but the packages cost a lot of money so I don't know if I will get any!
Troy has been busy trucking. He drove clear down to Garden City, Kansas and all over Nebraska. You never know where in the world he might be! "Where in the world is Troy Hoskovec?" He did get our pen done for our pony in the back yard. So now we have our pony home, but with the different surroundings, he was a little bit onery! Oh well, you have to have patients with everything you do and make time to work with him! Grandpa and Grandma Hoskovec and Mitch and Sarah were down to visit on Saturday! We always love that! Also Uncle Todd is moving back to Nebraska! We are so excited!

Colby and Grandma playing!
Colby said slow down grandma and she was trying to teach him rythm!
Mom and Dad working with the horse!
Hey who has that camera? Don't take pictures of me!!!!
Colby made time to swing
Little Pony in the BIG Town
Colby enjoyed helping Grandpapa
Oh So Tired
Hey Uncle Mitchy, thanks for helping with the horse!

Hey Mom, Look Dad lets me get close to the horse with out him right beside me!
Luckiest 3 year old I know!
OK I download this one wrong, SORRY, but Colby was telling me what he thought of his horse!
Grandma, Kalli and Colby
Kalli trying to figure out what that brother is doing!?!

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The Maris' said...

I am so glad that you are a part of Mops too. I wish that I would have had a Mops group when the girls were little. I guess being with the moppets is where the Lord wants me.
And don't let anyone get you down, a boss seems to take his frustrations out on the little guys don't they?