Sunday, October 7, 2007


Fall is here and it is beautiful! This past week has been crazy! I spent the first three days of it in North Platte, training for my post office job, which I start on Tuesday of this week! Mom and Dad watched the kids, a BIG thanks to them, they are GREAT! This is the first time that I have been gone from my kids for that long and been all by my self! It was nice, but I was home sick too! I got some good deals from the Goodwill Store though and Kalli's Halloween costume! By the way I forgot to post a few weeks ago that Kalli can roll over! Yeah for her! Back to our week- MOPS was on Thursday which Colby is really starting to enjoy and me too! This week Colby painted a pumpkin, it is beautiful! On Friday we spent time with family and Saturday we went to the horse sale! Troy went hunting Saturday and Sunday and saw some huge deer, too far away for his bow, but maybe next time.
Colby and I got out mom's Halloween box and had fun dressing up!
A Witch

Kalli hanging out!

Watch out for the drool!

On Friday Colby painted a picture and pumpkins for Aunt Sarah's birthday! Happy B-Day Sarah!

Thank goodness it was nice that day!

Colby helped me pick pumpkins this week, we had a nice harvest

Colby was trying to catch butterflys in my morning glorys

Colby Jay and his lil cutie pie!

Cute kids

Feet in the grass, gotta love it!

Kalli picking out her pumpkin

My family has been baling of course all summer, but it was time for cane right now. With all the rain they were lucky to get a really good crop! We would go and visit Papa on some afternoon's because he would start at 4 in the morning and go all day with no breaks! He is a real farmer and cowboy- 1 of a kind! I got these pictures of the sky and clouds too, I did nothing too them but click the picture!


Bley's Blog said...

I loved looking at all of your do a good job. I especially like the one of their feet. Of course I have a thing for baby feet! :)

Wheelers said...

I love fall pictures-you got some cute ones!

Anonymous said...

those darn kids of ours are so cute!!!!

The Maris' said...

I love the pictures of the sky, it just shows us how truly amazing God is.