Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Wauneta-Palisade Homecoming was this past weekend! My niece Jessie Maddux was one of the candidates! 12 years ago she was one of the ring bears and my sister Jennifer was one of the canidates. Colby, Kalli and I went and watched the game, a loss, I think we jinx the team, every game we go too, they lose. No more games for us I guess!!! Jessie got 2cnd runner up, but she was very pretty and did a good job. My pictures didn't turn out the best, but what do you do! I need to sit down and play with them on my new program which is Picasa2. It is from Google, so just look it up from a search engine!

Jessie and Shane Lawless
Look close at who is driving the car! It is Ace, who as some of you might not know came home that day from Iraq! I gave him a big hug and thought it was cool he got to drive Jess!

Mike and Barb walked Jessie out, very proud parents!

Chris Crowell, Whitney Brown, Taylor Dixon (Who I believe was also one of the ring bearers 12 years ago), Jess, Shane Lawless, Stacee Wright! By the way Whitney and Chris were king and queen!

Jess getting a hug from a huge FAN!

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The Hagan Clan said...

Julie~ i talk to Ace about seeing you.. and he said at first he didnt know who you were...but he dont have his glasses so he cant see to well but he said this girl came running up to me and was giving me a hug and i was like who the f*** is the girl...then he took a closer look relize it was you... he thought it was cool cuz he havent seen you forever! Then he thought it was more special driving your niece around!!!

Awesome pics!!!