Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

After going to Jennifer's house we stopped at Walmart, you can't drive through McCook without stopping ;)! We got the rest of Colby's pirate costume for Halloween! He was posing for me! Please take note of the Earing, he does NOT like it!

Goofing Around!
Since me and the kids were dressed up, I asked Troy to take a picture! There are not too many pictures of me and the kids!!! I now know why, it took 10 pictures to get this one, where Colby didn't have his mouth open and that Kalli was smiling! It made Troy frustrated, but thanks to him for taking it and for Mikey Andrew to help get SMILES!
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Stacy Cutinella said...

I found your site through David Vrbas' and I have to tell you how beautiful your kids are!! All the best - Stacy (Gockley)

The Maris' said...

What a terrific picture of the 3 of you, tell Troy it was worth the frustration.

sixbehrs said...

That's a nice picture. Your kiddos are so cute.

The Hagan Clan said...

That is a very good pic of you and the kids!!!