Monday, November 26, 2007

Maddux Family Thanksgiving

My family all got together on Thanksgiving day! Everyone was there except for my niece Sabrina and her family, who we missed! But it was great to see everyone and spend time with them. The kids had a super time with there cousins!
Finally a Picture of us! I had to pull teeth to get Troy to take a picture with me!

Taking pictures gives you the giggles!

The Family listening to Papa

Lori, Jay, Megan and Austin

Lori and Darrin walking off lunch!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Plus I didn't even have to force them to take it!
Jess and Trev in there loving moment!

Your so COOL

Kids Table

Part of Clint and Darrin, Jay, River and Mike

Mom preparing Yummy Food!

Oh Look at that Food! Delicious as always Mom!

Jess and Kalli


Manly Talk- Darrin, Mike and Troy

Dad and Jay

Papa Joe had all the kids gather around him! He told us all a story that his good friend Hogan Bill who is old mountain man cowboy who stops by to once and awhile take a break and eat Grandma Joan wonderful food. And who sometimes stays out in the woods with his Indian friends, left treasure for Papa's grand kids, since Papa and Grandma do so much for him. He dug a hole and put it in the ground so no one else would find it. The eldest grandson will have the knowledge of where it might be! I know I told the story nothing like dad, but the kids loved it and mom had buried all sorts of things, from Buffalo hair, antlers, feathers, baskets and old moccasins. Colby pulled an old moccasin up and said this looks like Grandma's old shoe! OOPS!

Hoskovec Family Thanksgiving Weekend

Another FUN weekend with the Hoskovec's! Troy's niece Shailyn was back and we have not gotten to see her in about 2 years. So she has really grownup! Alot went on from hunting to playing with new toys to picking on each other, to just enjoying having family together! That was one of the most important things for me this weekend.
Picking on Mitch or Shailyn
Grandma and Grandpa and 2 cute kids
Grandpa Practicing with his crossbow

Kalli and Dad hanging out

Good HIT !

The "KIDS" had fun with the snow!

Kalli was happy to meet her cousin

I tried to get a good family picture! Didn't work, oh well next time!

Kalli looks scared!

OH such cute ones!
The weekend could not be complete without hunting! Mitch and Todd went duck hunting all weekend. With good luck too! I can't tell you how many they got total, but on Sunday morning they got 9 and took 8 home. Good Job Guys!

The Blind, Leading the Blind!

Of course Colby has to get involved, he went in the house and got a butter knife. He said this will work. Todd asked him can you tell what he ate last, YEAH, YEAH, he could tell, not sure what he decided it was, he is TOTALLY a Hoskovec BOY!

Not sure which one Colby or Todd had the better face!
Colby was very intrigued by the teeth on the duck, Todd says Colby will be a dentist!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Have a wonderful holiday!
Remember to take time to enjoy the things you are thankful for!


Colby has been wanting it to snow and he finally got his wish. He wanted to go out as soon as he saw the snow. Finally I let him go and he kept singing It snowed, it snowed, it snowed.

Colby was very interested in tracks. He wanted to know what every track belonged too.

2007 Deer Hunting

Colby was VERY interested in the deer. He put on his "Sticky Gloves" and wanted to look and touch!

This picture doesn't show it the best, but both ears were notched in the same place. Not sure why that is? But neat!

Well it was a HARD deer hunting year for the Hoskovec family. Troy is the only one who got a deer. Troy's family are old school ( I guess for around this area anyways), they set up deer stands and sit from 4 AM till 10 or 11. Then back out again at 2 till it gets dark. Troy tired all sorts of places this year and Sunday morning was ready to give up. Troy and his dad Mike slept in and before they left I said I know what your problem is, you have not listened to the song, "Thirty Point Buck!" They laughed and I played the song. But laugh no more do they, because they drove out to my dad and standing right there was a buck, Troy shot, got him. Suddenly another buck, Mike shot, thought he hit him, but must not have because they could not find a blood trail. Oh well. One is better than none! His deer is a 3 x 4, would have been 4 x 4 but it got knocked off. They came home and told me listening to the Thirty Point Buck will become a tradition from now on! Better Luck next time- Mitch, Sarah and Mike.


Well Finally I post something, my computer has been giving me fits, it is over 4 years old and I guess it is starting to tell me to give it a break. Anyway we have been busy, the last two weekends Troy's mom and dad have came down and visited. Peg watched the kids on Saturday morning, and she had all of her hair when I got back, so the kids must not have been too bad. Troy's brother Todd came down and went hunting with Troy. Then we kind of had a Thanksgiving dinner at our house on Saturday night. Mitch and Sarah came down after hunting. It was last minute so no turkey, so can you call it Thanksgiving?!?! Kalli is trying to get teeth, so in the evenings she has been fussy. Otherwise nothing to exciting!
10 4 Big Buddy You Got a Copy?
I Hear You Loud and Clear!
Goofy Kids
Uncle Mitchy, Mitchy, Kalli has you wrapped around her little finger.
Kalli's teeth or gums have been hurting so Troy gave her a cold pop can to play with!
Oh so much better!
Kalli loves her ceral, she gets to being a messy girl!
I told Colby the other day I havn't taken hardly any pictures of you this week, so he did some special poses for me.

We got home the other evening and I sat Kalli on the table. She was content so I decided I would carry wood in, I came back in to see the cat on her lap. They were both happy. This has happened a couple of times now!
She was pulling on the cat Daisy Duke and Daisy didn't care!?!?
I realized the other day, I have no pictures of just gandpapa and Kalli. I need to work and getting a better one.
My tired family! Troy and Kalli sleeping the cat yawning and Colby sleeping..