Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2007 Deer Hunting

Colby was VERY interested in the deer. He put on his "Sticky Gloves" and wanted to look and touch!

This picture doesn't show it the best, but both ears were notched in the same place. Not sure why that is? But neat!

Well it was a HARD deer hunting year for the Hoskovec family. Troy is the only one who got a deer. Troy's family are old school ( I guess for around this area anyways), they set up deer stands and sit from 4 AM till 10 or 11. Then back out again at 2 till it gets dark. Troy tired all sorts of places this year and Sunday morning was ready to give up. Troy and his dad Mike slept in and before they left I said I know what your problem is, you have not listened to the song, "Thirty Point Buck!" They laughed and I played the song. But laugh no more do they, because they drove out to my dad and standing right there was a buck, Troy shot, got him. Suddenly another buck, Mike shot, thought he hit him, but must not have because they could not find a blood trail. Oh well. One is better than none! His deer is a 3 x 4, would have been 4 x 4 but it got knocked off. They came home and told me listening to the Thirty Point Buck will become a tradition from now on! Better Luck next time- Mitch, Sarah and Mike.

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