Sunday, November 4, 2007


Well fall is definitely here and I had to rake leaves all by myself today! I felt like a kid and just wanted to jump in, but I thought my neighbors already think that we are crazy! You you will see in the pictures there were alot of leaves. Last weekend Mikey Andrew, Troy and Colby went pheasant hunting, I think they got 2 or 3. I am sure Colby is going to be a little Hoskovec Hunter!
Pull the feathers Colby
Mikey Andrew helping to teach Colby how to clean Pheasants

Colby holding Kalli, he looks really mean!

Don't ya just want to jump into this huge pile of leaves!

Kalli sinking into the pile of leaves

All my hard work of raking leaves!

Kalli is learning to roll and rolled over to this magazine to eat and play with

This picture makes me laugh! It is of Colby holding a pheasant they shot when they were hunting, but it looks like it is a pet!

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