Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Well Finally I post something, my computer has been giving me fits, it is over 4 years old and I guess it is starting to tell me to give it a break. Anyway we have been busy, the last two weekends Troy's mom and dad have came down and visited. Peg watched the kids on Saturday morning, and she had all of her hair when I got back, so the kids must not have been too bad. Troy's brother Todd came down and went hunting with Troy. Then we kind of had a Thanksgiving dinner at our house on Saturday night. Mitch and Sarah came down after hunting. It was last minute so no turkey, so can you call it Thanksgiving?!?! Kalli is trying to get teeth, so in the evenings she has been fussy. Otherwise nothing to exciting!
10 4 Big Buddy You Got a Copy?
I Hear You Loud and Clear!
Goofy Kids
Uncle Mitchy, Mitchy, Kalli has you wrapped around her little finger.
Kalli's teeth or gums have been hurting so Troy gave her a cold pop can to play with!
Oh so much better!
Kalli loves her ceral, she gets to being a messy girl!
I told Colby the other day I havn't taken hardly any pictures of you this week, so he did some special poses for me.

We got home the other evening and I sat Kalli on the table. She was content so I decided I would carry wood in, I came back in to see the cat on her lap. They were both happy. This has happened a couple of times now!
She was pulling on the cat Daisy Duke and Daisy didn't care!?!?
I realized the other day, I have no pictures of just gandpapa and Kalli. I need to work and getting a better one.
My tired family! Troy and Kalli sleeping the cat yawning and Colby sleeping..

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Bley's Blog said...

That is so funny, the cat with Kalli! Your kids are cuties!