Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

At 6 AM Colby was up and wondering if Santa had came and he certainly did! He brought Colby a new desk-easel and paper and crayons to draw! Colby drew everyone pictures! Colby really took the time to look at each present he got and he also wanted to put it away as soon as he was done looking at it. Of course the kids got socks and underwear. Colby wanted them on right away and then put the rest away in the drawer before opening anything else up!

I think Colby liked Kalli's presents as much as his. He has even played with Kalli's new doll.
New road grader and construction equipment
Uncle Mitch and Zip trying to wake up Shailyn
Aunt Sarah opening presents
Grandma got a Froggy! Which she loves!
Shailyn and Dandy opening presents
Uncle Todd got shells and clay rocks from Troy to practice up on shooting
New toys
Kalli's toy from Santa

Uncle Todd and Daddy helping Colby figure out his new V-Smile computer! Colby hugged me for this present. Of course he hugged me for his new underwear too!
All the boys got goose decoys from there parents, very exciting for them!
Grandma and Kalli opening presents
Troy got some cool two way radios from his mom and dad that have calls and them too.
Kalli got her own pair of spurs for Christmas from Pop and Grandma Maddux

Poor Shailyn we kept her up late on Christmas Eve and Colby got her up early on Christmas morning, so she took a nap, with Cash!
Pretty Christmas Girl
Colby playing with his moon sand and farm set. (Note to all parents- DO NOT buy your kids moon sand it make a big mess!)
Uncle Todd helping take care of Kalli
New Sledding Tube

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Dave said...

Dang it! Coulda used the warning about the moon sand earlier. We got that for Jack but haven't actually opened the package yet. Might take that back to Wally World knowing the mess thing...but more importantly, IS IT FUN?