Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In Memory of Annie

Annie, or as I would call her Annabell or Annie Fat Fanny
January 6, 2001 - December 4, 2007
I had to put down my favorite dog Annie today. She has had some health problems and it was in her best interest to put her down. I cried and cried. Colby told me mom you are silly. I don't think he exactly understands that we will not see her again, until we go to heaven. Troy gave her to me as a Valentine's Day present before we got married. She has a better life now anyways, she spent a lot of time in her pen here in town, now she can run free! I will always remember and love you Annie!
I just realized too, I don't have very many good pictures of her. Here is a couple of her with some of her pups. She was a good mom and a good family dog!

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