Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Begining to Feel Alot Like Christmas

Well we are gearing up for Christmas, we have cut down our tree and gotten it up, seen Santa and went sledding! All I need now is to finish shopping, I am always a last minute shopper! Colby is SO EXCITED for Christmas this year and he is understanding so much more! It makes it very exciting for all of us!

I didn't get very good pictures with Santa, oh well! Poor Santa, Kalli tried pulling his beard off! Everyone laughed and laughed!

Colby trying to pick out a Christmas tree
Troy cutting down the Christmas tree, yes with a chain saw!! Oh and yes he is running, because he cut a little further than he thought! Made me laugh, him holler!
Colby is very proud of his tree!
Kalli rolling into the decorations!
Colby found the Santa hats and put one on Kalli and one on himself. He said mom take a picture of us, how can you resist!
The finished product

Colby wore his hat all day on Sunday

Decorating tree

Troy got a new toy, boys and there toys, a coot. It doesn't go very fast, so I am surprised Troy likes it, but he has been playing around with it. Colby says it is the Banana mobile!

My Christmas lights! I keep putting more up day by day! So there is more since these pictures. It was snowing out so sorry they are not better. The latest is Mary, Joesph and Baby Jesus in front of the star!

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Bley's Blog said...

I like your lights! Looks nice.