Friday, December 7, 2007

Just Some Good Ole Pictures

Here is a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks!
My dad raises Paint Horses and is trying to sell them! I make flyers for him, so we were out taking pictures of the colts.

Papa, Colby and Freckles

Another funny picture!
Eating Squash
Her eyes make me laugh!
Lil Flower
Troy is shaving and Colby says he is too. He has a back scrubber thing for the bathtub that his grandma gave him!
Safety First Around our house! Troy got a nail gun and these came with it, now Colby is wearing them all the time!

I had to try them on Kalli!

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The Hagan Clan said...

Aw those are some really cute and priceless pics you have there Julie... and what beautiful horses your dad has... to bad i dont live on a farm no more or i would be calling you up about them pretty horse...