Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our New Niece

We have a NEW Neice! Samantha Kelly Hoskovec, born today 1-31-08 at 3:18 p.m. eastern time, 8 1/2 lbs! She is the daughter of Todd and Gayle and coming in the middle of February will be one of the newest residents of Wauneta! Her sisters are Elizabeth and Shailyn! We can't wait to meet her and for everyone to be here in Wauneta! I hope I spelled everyone's name right, not so sure yet. I will post pictures as soon as I get them! Congrats Todd and Gayle!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well not a whole lot has been going on with us! Troy and I have been working and otherwise hanging out. We have some how managed not to catch all the colds that have been going around, very thankful for that!!The last 2 weekends we insulated Todd's house ( Troy's brother) and our house. Colby always has fun helping his dad no matter what they are doing. Kalli has been kind of cranky, I think it is teething!
Colby and Bowser relaxing
Kalli learning to crawl. She has really started to take off in the last week.

Todd and Colby insulating our house!
Colby on the walkie talkie to his dad!

Hi my name is Chubby, my mom's chubby...
Still NO TEETH either, hopefully soon!

I think we need to buy Kalli some new pj's!
I don't think she minds!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

To Grandmother's House We Go

Last weekend we went to Troy's Grandma's house, Great Grandma Georgia's which is in Schulyer, NE. We had a fun time seeing Grandma, Troy's sister Michelle and her girls, Tristen and Sierra and cousin Bridget. We did not get to see her son Trey, but hopefully next time, we missed him. Before we headed all the way home we stopped and saw Great Grandpa Paul and he spoiled Colby. He lives in Duncan, NE. When we were getting ready to leave there Colby said I love that Grandpa! We got to see Uncle Larry, who Kalli did NOT like, she cried real tears when he held her, Cousin Ashley and Cousin Amy. We also got to go see Troy's newest cousin Sally, oh ya and Uncle Dave, Tracy, D.J., and Melany. We were so happy that we made time to stop by and see the newest addition to the family. It always seems to be such a quick trip down there, but any time you get to spend time with family is a good time!

I LOVE this picture! This is in Grandma's closet. Troy said he remembers playing in this closet when he was little.
Silly kids
Colby giving loves to Grandma Peg

Our Christmas present to Great Grandma, pictures are always great for grandparents
Colby helping the girls open presents.

Kalli enjoying the tags on her new outfit. A girl can never have too many clothes!

My little GIFT!

Colby sandwich! Fun times with cousins, all in there new coats!

Tristen and Sierra

Troy decided to pick on his sister, so he yelled doggie pile, jumped on her and the kids jumped on him. Poor Michelle! The twin girls were trying to help their mom and Colby trying to help his dad. The girls were on Troy and Colby pushed them off and said Don't Mess with MY DAD!

Some quality bonding time with Grandma Georgia!

Of course Colby needs time too!

Uncle Dave with Kalli

Great Grandpa Paul with the kids

Colby wanted to go see the new baby Sally SSSSOOOOO BAD! I am not sure why, but he was worried we would not see her!
Michelle, Sally, Kalli and cousin Ashley

Troy bought Colby or well himself a dart gun and look what happened! Just couldn't resist putting this picture in the collection too!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

Every 6 months I have to go see my doctor at the Nebraska Medical Clinic in Omaha. Last weekend we went, Troy and Colby went with me to the doctor and Kalli stayed with Grandma Peg and Granpapa at Schyuler, NE where Troy's Grandma Georgia lives. Well the best part of my doctor visits there for Colby are when we go up and down the escalator and elevator.

Look at me mom!

Depending on which elevator you go on you can see different things, they are all see through. This one looks outside and another you can watch people.

Oh and on a side note, all went well! This is the first time they did not give me an MRI, yeah for me, and all of my blood work was good. I have been having a little bit of trouble with my eyes, but they are hoping it is just old age!! In July I will get a full work up and know a lot more!

New Neighbors

Well it is always sad to see good old neighbors leave, but when the new neighbors are family you can't complain too much! We are excited that Troy's brother Todd has moved into Madden's house just two doors down from us! He moved in on January 3rd. His wife Gayle is expecting their second daughter in the beginning of February, so once the baby is born they will move out here too. They are coming here from Virginia, a big move, we can't wait. Hopefully our other neighbors can put up with 2 sets of Hoskovec's!

Colby helped Grandma Peg and Aunty Sarah clean house for Todd!
Of course there has to be a little bit of fun.
Shelves in the closet. Troy said they are time out spots for each kid.
Uncle Mitch and Kalli had to play a little bit together.