Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Neighbors

Well it is always sad to see good old neighbors leave, but when the new neighbors are family you can't complain too much! We are excited that Troy's brother Todd has moved into Madden's house just two doors down from us! He moved in on January 3rd. His wife Gayle is expecting their second daughter in the beginning of February, so once the baby is born they will move out here too. They are coming here from Virginia, a big move, we can't wait. Hopefully our other neighbors can put up with 2 sets of Hoskovec's!

Colby helped Grandma Peg and Aunty Sarah clean house for Todd!
Of course there has to be a little bit of fun.
Shelves in the closet. Troy said they are time out spots for each kid.
Uncle Mitch and Kalli had to play a little bit together.

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The Hagan Clan said...

How exciting that your having family live next to you... you have a lot of fun! and good neighbors!