Friday, February 22, 2008


We had MOPS this week and we had not been there since December. Colby calls it his school and he is always a little bit nervous and shy when he is there. Which is strange because when he is home he is Very Rarely Shy! So on our way home when my suburban broke down, which is a whole other story, I always ask him what he learned at school. I try to figure out what the story was that they learned to talk about it more, I looked at his pictures he makes and try to figure it out. I asked did you learn that Jesus is always with you today, he said, " No he was not with that one girl!" I said but did you learn that he WAS with that girl, Jesus is always with you, even if you don't think so and if you chose the wrong thing, he is still with you. He said, " No he was not with that girl." By the end of the day he finally said oh ya she did find Jesus. I would love to be a fly on the wall of the MOPPETS room some days. By the way THANKS to all who help with MOPS and MOPPETS, I have found it to be really nice for both Colby and I.

Colby said he painted this picture today. Colby does not draw stick people this well yet, so I asked did you draw this picture, he said, "No some girls Grandma help me with it!" I laughed. I said well you know what some girls mom helped me make this memory/photo box at MOPS today too. In case you don't know some girl is played by Maycee Wheeler and her mom is Renee and Grandma is Maggie Lee. Thanks to all three! I think Renee did a great job and went above and beyond for this craft, she had all the paper cut out for us and there was quite a few of us there. She was a great leader that day! She is such a creative person. And Maggie thanks for helping to draw Colby's picture.

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Wheelers said...

Haha! Funny stories. Glad you enjoyed the craft! (I recognized that stick person before I read that my mom drew it-LOL!)