Friday, February 15, 2008


What a W0nderful Weekend we had! I had been sick on Wednesday and Thursday and feeling so much better by now and so thankful no one else was sick! On Saturday Troy and I both had to work, when I got off I went and got the kids and went home to clean the house up for my Pampered Chef party, which turned out GREAT! We got to eat yummy food and visit with people I don't get to see everyday. That evening the kids and I went out to my folks house for a suprise 29 1/2 birthday party for my sister Jennifer, but I forgot my camera! Sorry all! But my brother and all my sisters were there and most of my neices and nephews, so we ate more yummy food and it was fun to see everyone. Then came Sunday, woke up early to get lots of food made enough for a little over 30 people and get the kids into the bath tub. Thank goodness Mitch and Sarah came early or I would not have gotten ready in time. Then off to church! KALLI WAS BAPTISED! It was a wonderful day. Kalli did not cry and she stared at the cross for most of it. It was a very special day. Then everyone came to our house for lunch! What a crazy weekend, but wonderful.

Pastor Judy, Troy, Colby, Kalli and me!
ALL OF THE FAMILY THAT WAS AT OUR LITTLE CHURCH! Yes all these people are related to us! We are SO LUCKY!

Pretty girl, she is 8 months old today!
Ahh, a little brotherly, sisterly love! Funny story- before church Sarah and Mitch came to our house, we were getting ready and Colby asks them if they were going to church with us, they said yes, Colby said oh good because Kalli is getting a BAD TEST today! I laughed and laughed!

A couple of silly cousins! Adrienne and Eli

Sabrina with her sister Jess and daughter Mandy

Grandma Joan and Kalli

Getting in line for food!

Uncy Todd and Mitchy, Mitchy

Aunt Jay and Kalli

Papa feeding Kalli cake and ice cream

Cousin River giving Kalli a little bit of love.

O.K. so by this point Kalli had had about a 20 minute nap all day, she was getting cranky and I thought she will sleep all afternoon. She fell asleep I will guess around 2:30 or 3. By 4 she was back UP, that is strange, but it was not normal day for us. She was cranky. Todd came over in the evening and we were playing cards, Kalli would not stop fussing and then it hit the stomach FLU! Oh thank goodness she made it through church and everyone had left! We have been sick with something ever since. Slowly getting better and we hope for no more sickness this winter!

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Looks like a great time...I love her dress!