Friday, February 15, 2008

Super Bowl Party

We had a super bowl party too! Nothing too exciting but we did have the most important part, LOTS OF FOOD! We enjoyed the commercials and were disapointed by the game!

Frank, Todd and Sarah

Uncle Mitch picking on Colby during the game!

Kalli was entertained by Aunt Sarah!

Before the game Troy and his brothers enjoyed target practicing with their bow and arrows.

Everyone is entertained by Sarah!

Uncle Mitch trying his best at feeding Kalli

Sometimes it is hard being a BIG brother and Colby was having one of those days. He would not eat, so I asked him if he wanted fed like a baby, he said ok and I put him in the high chair hoping it would encourage him to eat like a big kid, no he acted like a baby. I guess maybe I was being a bad mom that day!

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