Friday, March 7, 2008

Farm Life

I love the fact that even though we do not live on a farm, that my kids can still experience it all. It is calving season out to my dads and there has been a couple of sets of twins already, which mean bucket calves. Colby goes right out and checks on them as soon as we get to "THE RANCH!"

Patti Fanning invited us to stop over and see her sheep and goats. She has baby kids and lambs. One kid is her pet it was a triplet and its name is Peanuts. She feeds it a bottle. Peanuts would follow us, the rest would run. A few were sleeping when we got there so Colby would sneak up and caught them. Once they were awake they would run and Colby chased them and chased them. The moms would stop and put there head down, but Colby was not scared, he would just put up his arms and say hey! He is not scared of much! Thanks Patti for the chance to check them all out!


The Hagan Clan said...

What a BIG helper!!! Love the pics... to cute!

Kris said...

Good words.