Thursday, March 20, 2008

MOPS and Easter

We had another good day at MOPS. Today Colby cried when I dropped him off down there. That is one of the hardest things is to leave a crying child. I hate it, I always think I should just go home! But he ended up being fine. Tonight he was talking about his day. He told me who his friends were who were there, which was everyone and told me who was naughty! He even told me who brought special treats. Of course I heard all day about there Easter egg hunt and how much fun that was, of course! I asked him tonight what did you learn today and what did you do for your lesson? He told me that they put up a picture of Jesus with thorns and he died. I said yes, he died for you and for me and for all of us! He will rise again. He said ya they talked about that. Then he asked where does God live? I said in Heaven. He said we should go see him. I said we will SOME day. I said well he is with us everyday and IN everything that we do. Colby said he is in our mouths and tummy and I said well ya. Of course Colby giggled! He goes well maybe we could call him sometime and he could come over. I said well I don't know his number. Colby told me he thinks the number is 112444. So if you are looking to call God, we got his number!!! This conversation I LOVED! I find it amazing to hear Colby trying to figure it all out and I hope I can help to answer at least some of his questions, but I know I will need help. At least I have God's personal phone number now! But if I can't get through I might be asking for help from all of you, just giving you all the heads up.


Bley's Blog said...

How cute! Some of those questions are very good to think about, but very hard to really answer!

sixbehrs said...

That's hilarious! Isn't it great to have MOPS (for the moms and the kids!) I am so thankful that we have it.