Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boys and Their Toys

Troy's birthday was March 30th and we didn't do too much. Poor Troy, but he did get what he wanted, a 1985 Yamaha Motorcycle. He is going to use it to drive back and forth to work and of course to go have some fun! He can't wait for nice weather to go drive!

Of course whatever dad is excited about so is Colby. He put on one of the helmets and enjoys goofing around. He really wants to go for a ride with his dad, hopefully next week is nice and they can go out! Colby is so his dads son, he knows every ones vehicle in town. We will be driving down the street and he will say oh look they are at the grocery store, I have to look a second time and say oh ya you are right!

OK, so I have been trying to find a car for a long time, since gas prices just keep going up and up!And I have been driving a 1988 Chevy Suburban, only getting 15 mpg. Troy bought me a car on Sunday, it isn't exactly what I wanted but hey it will work and I won't complain at all! It is really nice on the inside and lots of room when we travel! It is a 1997 Crown Vic.
Also to those who know us and have been in our garage did you notice anything?
It is clean and has 2 vehicles and a motorcycle in it, can you believe it!!!

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Leslie said...

cool car Julie, and nice bike Troy.