Saturday, April 19, 2008


Kalli is in there somewhere, I think she is trying to figure out what her brother is doing?

Colby Jay didn't understand why mom didn't want to play in the snow!
Cousins on the swings!
Out for one of our many walks! Hey wait for Me!
My Flowers!

Well as they always say, If you don't like the weather in Nebraska today, just wait till tomorrow! What a crazy week of weather, from rain, to snow and on to 80 degree days! But of course we made the most of it, I didn't have babysitters this week, so me and the kids stayed home! Well actually my mom had been gone to Texas for a week with some of her friends and Colby stayed 2 days and nights with my dad. I think they both enjoyed it! When I finally got Colby home, Troy asked him how his vacation was? Colby said Great! Troy asked when do I get to go on vacation? Colby said go out to Papa's and Mike's (my brothers) its great you get to fix fence, check cows, feed cows, help Mike work on tractors all the stuff you want to do on vacation! Only my son! But we got to go to MOPS this week and take walks and even play in the snow and play with our cousins, what more could a almost 4 year old ask for?

As for Kalli, she still has NO TEETH! Plus she is VERY CRANKY, running a High Fever and just wants to be held, so I am hoping some of those teeth pop through quick so her and I can get some sleep. I can feel some on the bottom. She has slept all afternoon, she needed it!

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