Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun in the Dirt

Well it was another FULL weekend. We have a couple of little sheds in the backyard and Troy moved them around. Our back yard looks a lot different! We rota tilled the garden and got it planted. We also rota tilled up a spot just for the kids, that way they don't play in my garden! They love it!

See the dirt, mom!
Even Troy enjoyed playing in the dirt!
Kalli enjoyed eating the dirt also!!!
This is a picture of Colby giving the dirt a HUG! He was thrilled he has his OWN DIRT!
Yes, this is Colby driving the 4-wheeler! Scary isn't it! It scares me and Troy says it is OK, he has to learn sometime. Colby is growing up too fast! We went and checked out where he will be going to Preschool next fall on Monday night. It makes me sad and nervous to let him go!

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