Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Finally I am blogging again! We have had computer problems and you just don't realize how much you use it until you don't have it anymore! Well Memorial day weekend we spent part of it down to Troy's mom and dads. Great Grandma Georgia was there along with Troy's sister Michelle and her kids. We had fun even though we could not get in the water because of all the flooding. But it was great to see everyone. Kalli got sick though and so me and her spent alot of time together. It was a short trip down there and back. We left Saturday afternoon, Todd and Troy rode there motorcycles down there and Gayle and I and the kids followed. Then Sunday afternoon Gayle and I left with the kids since Kalli did not feel well. Troy and Todd came home later that evening.
Great Grandma Georgia with her great grandkids, Colby, Lizzie and Trey!
Trey is really good at sports!
Tristen dressed up for us on Sunday, she looked beautiful!
Sierra finally started being my buddy an hour before we left!
Cutie Colby

Lizzie was wearing shorts and boots! She was excited because her daddy was taking her fishing!
Colby and Lizzie giving each other hugs, I don't know if that is a thumbs up or side ways!
Of course I thought the weather was going to be cold so I didn't bring anything but boots, so Colby was styling in boots and shorts! He is such a ham bone, he loves to pose for me!
With all the rain, the lake was up very high! The only person in our family in the water was the dogs.

This isn't the best picture but this is the only one of Kalli during the weekend. Poor baby girl was sick, sick, sick! I think she is finally about over it!

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