Monday, May 12, 2008

Not the typical Mother!

OK, yes I am not the most typical mother. We spent alot of time outside on Mother's Day! I did get to sleep in and Colby snuck in and whispered Happy Mother's Day. He made me a bunch of stuff and I got a balloon! We ate a wonderful lunch at Tommy's, did more stuff outside and then we went and shot clay rocks out to Bley's. It was a lot of fun and Kara is the best cook, so you always eat good out there! The whole day was great and I am so lucky to be a MOM! We almost didn't have Kalli and you think back about what your life would be without your kids and you can't even imagine! I thank God everyday for my life even the bad days could always be worse!
I don't like pictures of me, but here is one thanks to Gayle.
Sister-in-law Gayle with a loaded gun!?!
Ok so Bley's have a trampoline and I jumped in with the kids, everyone that walked by told me boy I wish I had a camera after I was done, I let them all in on a secret, I have a camera. So after a while I caught Todd and Gayle jumping with the kids!
Colby and Trace are going to be in preschool together next year and I think they are already getting into trouble!


Bley's Blog said...

I like the picture of you and Kalli

Leslie said...

It was great to see you the other day Julie!! Love the pics