Monday, June 16, 2008

Kalli's Birthday Party

On Saturday we had Kalli's first birthday party. Of course this time of year it is hard for everyone to come, but we had fun! Thanks to everyone for coming and thanks to everyone for making Kalli's 1st year the best! It is amazing to me because 2 years ago we thought we wouldn't be able to have any more children and now we have 2 perfect and healthy children! Thank you God for making my life great!
Kalli and Samantha! Isn't it amazing how they grow in one year!
Opening up all the great gifts! Thanks everybody!
Kalli got tired opening presents and thought it was more fun climbing in and out of Sammy's walker.
Grandma Peggy and Sammy
Colby pulling the girls, Lizzie and Mandy! This picture makes me think of the country song, "Pickup Man."
"Well I got my first truck when I was three
Drove a hundred thousand miles on my knees
Hauled marbles and rocks, and thought twice before
I hauled a Barbie doll bed for the girl next door..."
Me and my Baby
Colby being a goofy boy

Pretty Girl

Uncle Mitch became friends with my niece Lilian, by feeding her cake and ice cream!
Mom and Lilian
Sabrina on the slide
My mom on the slide
My dad on the slide!
Oh the kids went down the slide too, but I thought it was cuter seeing the big kids go down! You are never to old to play!

Thanks Sarah for taking all the pictures for me, so that way I could enjoy!


Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a great day Julie!!! Happy birthday to Kalli. Time sure flies by. Love her swimming suit!!! See you this weekend I hope. Love ya

The Hagan Clan said...

Aww she so adorable....looks like she had a great birthday! A year old already...time flys!