Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miranda Lambert's Concert

At the Chase County Fair Troy and I went to the Miranda Lambert's/Mark Chesnutt concert. We went with my sister Jennifer and her husband Clint, Jennifer turned 30 the day after and we also went with my sister-in-law Barb and niece Sabrina and my other sister-in-law Sarah and Michael Andrew and Ryan Large. It was alot of fun! Sarah got a free back stage pass for her and I. Then the funny part of the night was that before the concert I was running around with Barb and Sabrina and I told them to sign up at Coyote Country for free back stage tickets and they won a pair of tickets! So 4 of us got to go back and meet Miranda! She is actually a very nice person and really hugged us for our pictures! You can look at them all at You have to click on the tour button and then go back to August 16th and you can see all of the pictures from Imperial! I'm not sure why the picture with Miranda and I is so small but that is OK and I promise you it is really me! I was so excited! Mark Chesnutt was also very good and put on a great show! It was a great Saturday night at fair!
Miranda and I
Some of the crazy bunch- Barb, Jennifer, Clint, Sabrina and Sarah

One of Miranda's band members has a mowhawk! It made me laugh!

I don't know why but I like this picture! It's my sister Jennifer's finger the picture was a mistake, but it is kind of neat!
Mark Chesnutt


aunt jay said...

I could have shown a different finger...

Anonymous said...

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