Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Birthdays and Family

In September my brother and mom had birthdays the 20th and 21st. So my sisters and their families came back to visit. They stopped in McCook on the way and met my mom and dad. They all went to an art gallery. One of the artists had went out to my folks house and took pictures of their horses. They of course had the pictures framed and had them for sale! We all think it was pretty awesome!!
Afterwards we met up with them at home and spent the weekend enjoying each others company! I actually did not get any pictures of my brother but I will have to put up a picture one of these days.
My mom, Adrienne and Lex

Austin's Football Pose
Lex Football pose
Eli's Football pose
Colby, Eli and Reilly all playing in the cow feed!
Kalli riding her cousins cool ride!
Kalli and River
Adrienne and Lex toilet papered Trevor's room! Ha!
Here is a picture of my family's cows and 2 buffalo. Only 2 left, we use to have alot more!

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