Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We carved Pumpkins this year three different times! Of course we grew all of them except for the 2 big ones from Walgren's! It was alot of fun!
The insides of one of the BIG pumpkins!
Troy is carving on this pumpkin and you can't even see him!

Dexter and Matt came over one day and carved pumpkins with us!

Colby had a lot of fun!

Even I was in on the action!

The Great Pumpkin at Papa and Grandma's house. Julie, Colby, Kalli and Colby's cousins Reilley and Adrienne helped too! The little one is Colby's, he named it One-eyed Susie!

The Great Pumpkin at our house, Troy carved it!

All lit up

Spider and spider web and Colby's scary Face!

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