Friday, February 22, 2008


We had MOPS this week and we had not been there since December. Colby calls it his school and he is always a little bit nervous and shy when he is there. Which is strange because when he is home he is Very Rarely Shy! So on our way home when my suburban broke down, which is a whole other story, I always ask him what he learned at school. I try to figure out what the story was that they learned to talk about it more, I looked at his pictures he makes and try to figure it out. I asked did you learn that Jesus is always with you today, he said, " No he was not with that one girl!" I said but did you learn that he WAS with that girl, Jesus is always with you, even if you don't think so and if you chose the wrong thing, he is still with you. He said, " No he was not with that girl." By the end of the day he finally said oh ya she did find Jesus. I would love to be a fly on the wall of the MOPPETS room some days. By the way THANKS to all who help with MOPS and MOPPETS, I have found it to be really nice for both Colby and I.

Colby said he painted this picture today. Colby does not draw stick people this well yet, so I asked did you draw this picture, he said, "No some girls Grandma help me with it!" I laughed. I said well you know what some girls mom helped me make this memory/photo box at MOPS today too. In case you don't know some girl is played by Maycee Wheeler and her mom is Renee and Grandma is Maggie Lee. Thanks to all three! I think Renee did a great job and went above and beyond for this craft, she had all the paper cut out for us and there was quite a few of us there. She was a great leader that day! She is such a creative person. And Maggie thanks for helping to draw Colby's picture.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our New Neighbors

Our New Neighbors are finally all moved in! Please welcome Todd, Gayle, Elizabeth and Samantha Hoskovec to Wauneta, NE! On Saturday Troy's sister-in-law Gayle along with Gayle's sister Brooke and Todd and Gayle's kids Lizzy and Sammy made it to Nebraska. They drove from Virgina nonstop to Nebraska, with a 2 year old and 2 week old! We are all so excited to have them all here. Colby has a new best friend now, Elizabeth. I didn't get any good pictures of their family together, because there was so much going on, but you will get the general idea!

Todd and Troy taking care of the baby!

Elizabeth was so excited to get to see her daddy! It had been 4 months since they had seen each other!

The boys all had to take 4 wheeler rides, since it was so nice. Of course they also picked on each other and their mom since they were all together too!

This is the only picture I got of Gayle.

Colby and Lizzy playing away. They played nonstop on Saturday and on Sunday morning they both woke up asking to go play with each other.

Grandma Peggy LOVED getting to spend time with her grandkids! This is her meeting her new granddaughter Samantha for the first time!

Of course Kalli was in on all the everything too! She has a bad cold though, so her and I spent alot of time at home too!
Ok if you look really close around Kalli's mouth she has pen mark all around it. She found a pen and had pen marks all over her. Oops, don't turn your back on your kids!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Brag and Complain

All right I also have to brag and complain too you all. I have been wanting to redo my kitchen for a LONG, LONG time! I was given used kitchen counters with a large double sink almost 2 years ago by a neighbor and then I bought myself a stovetop and wall oven, but they all have become storage and shelves in the garage. So I decided to make myself a counter, which will end up turning into where my stovetop will be built into. It will also provide more storage. But in the middle of building it last week on Tuesday, when it was snowing, I dropped the top of it on my FOOT and then I fell on top of it! I thought I broke my foot, I almost went to the doctor and if you know me, I don't go to the doctor! It was 3 days before it bruised and it just bruised around all of my toes!
It has been 10 days and it is just a little bit swollen on top now. But I can walk on it and I got it done by Saturday. PLUS IT LOOKS GREAT! I am so excited about it! You will have to come to my house and see it because the pictures don't really show how great it really is!


What a W0nderful Weekend we had! I had been sick on Wednesday and Thursday and feeling so much better by now and so thankful no one else was sick! On Saturday Troy and I both had to work, when I got off I went and got the kids and went home to clean the house up for my Pampered Chef party, which turned out GREAT! We got to eat yummy food and visit with people I don't get to see everyday. That evening the kids and I went out to my folks house for a suprise 29 1/2 birthday party for my sister Jennifer, but I forgot my camera! Sorry all! But my brother and all my sisters were there and most of my neices and nephews, so we ate more yummy food and it was fun to see everyone. Then came Sunday, woke up early to get lots of food made enough for a little over 30 people and get the kids into the bath tub. Thank goodness Mitch and Sarah came early or I would not have gotten ready in time. Then off to church! KALLI WAS BAPTISED! It was a wonderful day. Kalli did not cry and she stared at the cross for most of it. It was a very special day. Then everyone came to our house for lunch! What a crazy weekend, but wonderful.

Pastor Judy, Troy, Colby, Kalli and me!
ALL OF THE FAMILY THAT WAS AT OUR LITTLE CHURCH! Yes all these people are related to us! We are SO LUCKY!

Pretty girl, she is 8 months old today!
Ahh, a little brotherly, sisterly love! Funny story- before church Sarah and Mitch came to our house, we were getting ready and Colby asks them if they were going to church with us, they said yes, Colby said oh good because Kalli is getting a BAD TEST today! I laughed and laughed!

A couple of silly cousins! Adrienne and Eli

Sabrina with her sister Jess and daughter Mandy

Grandma Joan and Kalli

Getting in line for food!

Uncy Todd and Mitchy, Mitchy

Aunt Jay and Kalli

Papa feeding Kalli cake and ice cream

Cousin River giving Kalli a little bit of love.

O.K. so by this point Kalli had had about a 20 minute nap all day, she was getting cranky and I thought she will sleep all afternoon. She fell asleep I will guess around 2:30 or 3. By 4 she was back UP, that is strange, but it was not normal day for us. She was cranky. Todd came over in the evening and we were playing cards, Kalli would not stop fussing and then it hit the stomach FLU! Oh thank goodness she made it through church and everyone had left! We have been sick with something ever since. Slowly getting better and we hope for no more sickness this winter!

Super Bowl Party

We had a super bowl party too! Nothing too exciting but we did have the most important part, LOTS OF FOOD! We enjoyed the commercials and were disapointed by the game!

Frank, Todd and Sarah

Uncle Mitch picking on Colby during the game!

Kalli was entertained by Aunt Sarah!

Before the game Troy and his brothers enjoyed target practicing with their bow and arrows.

Everyone is entertained by Sarah!

Uncle Mitch trying his best at feeding Kalli

Sometimes it is hard being a BIG brother and Colby was having one of those days. He would not eat, so I asked him if he wanted fed like a baby, he said ok and I put him in the high chair hoping it would encourage him to eat like a big kid, no he acted like a baby. I guess maybe I was being a bad mom that day!

Are U Asking?

Are you asking where in the world we have been! No we have not fallen off the side of the earth! We have been busy as always, but also SICK! The same as everyone else, I came down with the stomach flu first then Kalli and then Colby started getting a fever, at least he never got vomiting sick. Then we had a day of being well and Kalli and I got head and chest colds and Colby woke up this morning sneezing, so I am sure he will have it soon. Troy said he is fighting it, so I hope he continues to fight it and not come down with it. I HATE having sick kids, my kids are usually pretty smiley and there were days I never saw Kalli smile and I just had to hold her all day and she would still cry, but I think we are on the mend. THANK GOODNESS! Well I will try to catch everyone up on what has been going on with us and post some pictures!