Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here are some pictures since the last time I posted. I have tons and I won't make you look at them all now. I hope to do at least one post a month in 2010, we will see, you should email me if I don't!
Family is very important to us and we love getting together with them as you can see in some of these pictures. If we all can't be together, the kids and Troy and I try to spend lots of time together no matter what we are doing, we make the most of it.

We had around 70 pumpkins this year!

I helped during corn harvest this year driving truck and caught this cool picture.

Colby and Kalli for Halloween, the cowboy and the Indian princess!

Trevor and Colby were trying to help me get some senior pictures of one of our friends so they were showing him the moves! I really like these pictures!

One of Colby's favorite guys!

Winter pictures!

Michael Andrew spends alot of time with us, I think the kiddos kind of like him!

Our fireplace at our NEW house!!

Colby braving the cold snowy day!

Well seeing Santa was a big step, Kalli did not cry this year! She would not sit on his lap, but she did not cry!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I know, I know!

I know it has been forever, but here are a few pictures to hold you over. Blogger is giving me fits, so until later for more favs from 2009!

Colby giving mom some LOVE!

The boys waiting for their turn for cake! I think this picture is FUNNY!

Singing Happy Birthday to River!

Austin and Jess

Friday, August 28, 2009

Colby Starts Kindergarten!!!!

Colby is now in Kindergarten and says Kindergarten is "Happy"! He has surprised us so much the last 2 weeks. He doesn't throw a fit that he doesn't want to go and seems more grown up, which is a little sad for mom. He says the best part is recess, but I have heard him talk about pretty much all of it. There are 14 kids in his class and only 3 are girls, so good luck to the teachers.

Kalli misses her brother but is doing just fine, she had to be in the pictures that morning too!

If you look closely you will see Colby pushing Kalli out of the picture, oh the love! But they are both usually pretty happy to see each other at the end of the day!

If the child is good they get a Thumb Buddy and Colby has gotten one everyday so far, we are pretty proud of our son!

Chase County Fair = FUN!

The Chase County Fair was fun again this year, we didn't do as much as we usually do, but still had fun and ate some GOOD food!

Kalli's favorite ride the pigs, Colby would NOT ride it!

Dad went down the slide with Kalli!
Colby's turn.

Hang on!

We went to the parade with family, here is Sabrina and the girls getting candy. The parade was LONG 1 1/2 hours!

Colby and his friend Wyatt all done with mutton bustin, they both got trophies!

Dad and Colby had to help Kalli with the stick horse race.

But Colby was a PRO at the stick horse race!

My little Cowboy!

My Birthday

For my birthday my mom and dad took us out to Front Street in Ogallala, NE! I have never been there before and it was alot of fun! I highly recommend going there for dinner and the show if you want some entertainment without driving a long ways.
Kalli, Colby and Dad
Troy, Kalli, me, Colby and mom

Troy, Kalli, me and mom.

The shoot out!

Some of the performers and entertainment