Sunday, April 26, 2009

Colby's 5th Birthday!

Colby turned 5 year old on April 24th! Wow how time has flown by!! We celebrated all weekend. We had Kindergarten Roundup that morning, went bowling, to Barnett Park and to McDonald's that afternoon. Then on Saturday we had family over for a birthday party. It was great and Colby is the best 5 year old boy a mom could ask for!
OK these pictures are not in order, but you will get the idea.

I thought only 1 year olds dived into there cake with no forks, no ornery 5 year olds do it too!

Colby opening presents.

Colby's "Ranch-Cowboy" cake. The grain bin kind of fell, so Colby and I decided a tornado went through his ranch!

Playing a Barnett Park in McCook

We also went bowling on Colby's birthday. It was the first time he had ever bowled and we all had fun!

I think Colby was saying, "Yes, Baby!" As he got a spare!

My 5 year old BOY!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Part 2

The night before Easter we dyed Easter eggs at our house. Troy's brothers and there families came over and we made a big mess and had a lot of fun. On Easter morning the kids and I went to church and then I fixed lunch for Troy's family. The kids had fun playing together and we enjoyed the day.

Troy being silly!
Liz and Colby

Silly Kalli

We had a Easter egg hunt in the house on Easter morning.

Here is Sammy, doesn't she have pretty blue eyes!

Just a few eggs

Liz, Sam, Gayle, Todd and Troy

Kalli's hands after dyeing eggs! You should have seen the mess!

Kalli decorating eggs, so you notice all the paper towels from all the mess Kalli created. But we had fun that is what matters.

Easter Part 1

We had Easter on Saturday before with my family. Both of my sisters were there and there familes. We ate way to much and had lots of fun. We then went to town to the Easter Egg hunt. We were 2 minutes late and Kalli missed her turn, but the older kids shared with her. A special thanks to Sonya Behrends for sharing eggs with Kalli.

Colby finding eggs.
My sis Lori

My sister Jennifer eating, I love the pics I get of her!

Colby and the Easter bunny, have I mentioned how much Kalli dislikes the Easter bunny!

Kalli finding an egg.

Kalli and her cousin River bouncing on the bed!

Brotherly Love to his Little sister!

Kalli and Colby Hoskovec

Kalli is a dress and her hair fixed for a few minutes!

Some Random Picture's I like!

Troy and Kalli goofing around!
Our friends Kelsea and Cole playing Wii with Colby


Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Grandmothers House We Go

In March we headed down to Schuyler, NE, to Troy's grandma's house. She has had to move to a nursing home, so we helped paint and work on the house. Troy's uncle and aunt were there from Arizona and we all really enjoyed getting to visit them. Colby really liked his Aunt Mary Kay. We also got to see Troy's sister Michelle and kids, who we don't get to see enough. It was a busy weekend, but fun!

Troy's mom, dad, aunt, and uncle
Mike, Peg, Mary Kay and Gene Hoskovec

The cousins had fun together and played really well.

Lizzie, Sierra and Tristen

The hard workers painting, no more green.

Michelle's son Trey received a guitar from Grandma and Grandpa for his birthday. What a good looking boy, the blue eyes and the blue guitar!

Our First Hockey Game!!

About a month ago we went to Kearney for the day and spent the whole day with my sisters and their familes! It was SO MUCH FUN! The kids and I got to enjoy our first hockey game. It was great and I think Colby enjoyed it the most! He would yell at the player and really got into. I think we will be making more trips to hockey games!
My sisters and their kids. I always get wonderful pictures of them, HA!

Kalli enjoying the game. She did not enjoy Stormy, though! Kalli does not like dressed up people for example Santa, Easter Bunny and Stormy!


Our Future Hockey Coach or that is what he told me he was going to be that day.

St. Patty's Day 2009

OK I know a month behind, but better late than never right? Colby and I really had a lot of fun with St. Patty Day we ate as much green food as you can imagine. Plus of course read Green Eggs and Ham.

Green Cookies

We also made a leprechaun trap. We figured if we caught him, we would tell him we would not let him go until he shared his GOLD with us! Well he knocked the trap over and left green dust. We even tried to trick him by leaving some gold wrapped candy on top, but he took it too!

MY FAV Picture of me and my kids right now. I don't know what we were doing this day, but we clean up pretty nice!