Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Part 1

We had Easter on Saturday before with my family. Both of my sisters were there and there familes. We ate way to much and had lots of fun. We then went to town to the Easter Egg hunt. We were 2 minutes late and Kalli missed her turn, but the older kids shared with her. A special thanks to Sonya Behrends for sharing eggs with Kalli.

Colby finding eggs.
My sis Lori

My sister Jennifer eating, I love the pics I get of her!

Colby and the Easter bunny, have I mentioned how much Kalli dislikes the Easter bunny!

Kalli finding an egg.

Kalli and her cousin River bouncing on the bed!

Brotherly Love to his Little sister!

Kalli and Colby Hoskovec

Kalli is a dress and her hair fixed for a few minutes!

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