Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We are still here!

Hello All!
We are still alive and busy as ever! I had planned on updating my blog this morning and for some reason it won't let me update pictures!?! Since my last blog Colby has had a spring concert, field's day, went to the circus and been his normal wild self. Kalli has learned to follow in her brothers footsteps and whatever he does she is right behind, she is learning many new words and also had a birthday, she is now 2! Troy has completed his 2cnd year at the Co-op and you never know where he is or what he is doing and that is just at work. I helped him put a motor in a pickup and he is always tinkering with something. He took us camping one weekend too! Me- I am trying to loose some weight so I am walking ALOT and trying to eat healthier! I'm still working at the grocery store and I am excited we have new cash registers. I try to keep up with the kiddos. My camera is acting up which I am not liking the display window, well I can't see anything through it now, grr! Not sure what happened, curious if one of my darling children got there hands on it, but no one has confessed! So I guess I will be shopping for a new camera! Well hopefully if I get time in the next few days I will get some of the pictures I have on the blog! Until then have a great week or month, Ha!!!

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sixbehrs said...

Glad you're still here! Sorry about your camera, though! You've been busy!