Sunday, August 2, 2009


We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake. It was cold and rainy for the most of it, but we caught a little sun to enjoy the water. OK the pictures are a little bit out of order, but you will get the idea!

Troy dumping Colby into the lake and out of the dump truck!
We worked and worked on this path to get Colby's dump truck from the top into the water. Then Troy got the bright idea to take the kids in the dump truck and dump them into the water, at least he held onto them!

Kalli's turn!

We had a valuable lesson on what floats and what does NOT! When it was freezing cold Troy threw one of Colby's toys in and said lets see how long it takes to make it to shore. After awhile we threw our poles in and I saw Colby throw something in the water. I told him not to do it because it will scare away the fish. He said don't worry I am just seeing how long it takes to get to shore, its my new toy truck Aunt Lori bought me. Which does NOT float, oops! Thank goodness mom braved the cold and rescued the truck!

On this camping trip this is the most Kalli got into the water. She was just wearing a diaper and we think it quickly started filling with water because she just kept looking at it trying to figure out what was going on down there!

Colby and Kalli looking out the window of the camper.

Colby caught a BIG fish.

Kalli laughing at her brother!

After it warmed up a little Colby enjoyed the water and he could touch wear we were at which was the best!

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