Sunday, August 2, 2009


We spent one weekend in eastern NE this summer in Schuyler and Duncan. This is where Troy came from before moving to Wauneta. Sadly to say we had to move Troy's grandma to the nursing home and sell her house, so we went down and helped clean and pack.
Troy's grandma and grandpa ran a grocery store for many years, Hosky's Mini Mart.
Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mitch came down to help too. The kids enjoyed time with there aunty Sarah!

The same weekend we went down it was also Troy's Grandpa Donoghue's surprise 85th birthday. We got to spend time with cousin and meet new family members. It was a great time. Above is Kalli playing with cousins Sally and Melony.

Troy's niece's Tristen and Sierra

Colby diving into some cake!

Troy's Grandpa, mom and uncles.

Troy's Grandpa and most of his grand kids and great grand kids!

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