Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here are some pictures since the last time I posted. I have tons and I won't make you look at them all now. I hope to do at least one post a month in 2010, we will see, you should email me if I don't!
Family is very important to us and we love getting together with them as you can see in some of these pictures. If we all can't be together, the kids and Troy and I try to spend lots of time together no matter what we are doing, we make the most of it.

We had around 70 pumpkins this year!

I helped during corn harvest this year driving truck and caught this cool picture.

Colby and Kalli for Halloween, the cowboy and the Indian princess!

Trevor and Colby were trying to help me get some senior pictures of one of our friends so they were showing him the moves! I really like these pictures!

One of Colby's favorite guys!

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