Friday, December 31, 2010


Last post for 2010! It snowed last night and it is 3 degrees out right now, but it didn't slow us down, the kids and I did chores, played in the snow, made snow angels, tried to make a snowman and had a little bit of fun this morning. We want to wish you all a HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS 2011!! Thanks for taking the time to take a quick look into our lives!

Cold and slick!

Kalli's snow angel, she wouldn't let me take her picture!


What a great Christmas, hope you enjoy some of our highlights from the day!

Christmas Eve, my turn!

We hosted Christmas eve at our house. There was SO MUCH FOOD! I cooked and then I was surprised to have everyone bring something as well. It was great to have most of the Hoskovec's and a bunch of the Maddux's at my house. I love having family around!

Dancing and singing with Santa!

Great picture of Sabrina!
Two of my favorite sister-in-laws, Gayle and Sarah!

Christmas at Sandoval's

Sabrina had a get together for us a few nights before Christmas. She had the best food and it was fun to visit with everyone.

Sabrina, Lili, and baby Charlie
Eating yummy food.
Jess and Sam


I have TONS of pictures from December, but here are a few of my favorites!
Cowboy Santa going to do chores?!?! Who knows what Santa might be wearing from day to day at our house.

School Christmas Program


Ok so maybe I should have titled this my daughter does not like Santa!! We went and saw him at different spots thinking one of them she would like the guys, no way. Oh well can't really blame her. Colby on the other hand loved him, oh it also helped that the Santa he saw was one of his good friends grandpa!