Friday, February 26, 2010

This and that of February

Well another month has almost gone by already, I can't believe it!! Here is some pictures of our month of February, enjoy.Colby pulling Troy on the sled, lots of laughs that day from both of them.

Troy dumping Colby off into the snow, but it never seemed to bother him, he would get up and go again!

My beautiful roses from my husband and kids!

Of course we spent time with family, its a must! Here is Mandy and Lillian and of course Sabrina and Lori.

Calving season is here, I will have to post some pictures of the new baby calves.

We got to spend some time with Todd and Gayle this month too. It was the first time we had been to the new house, we loved our stay with them and had lots of fun!

Rachel is 7 months old already, she is so chubby compared to the other girls.

We celebrated Sammy's birthday while we were there as well, she didn't really like us singing Happy Birthday!

Colby participated in Jump for Heart this year. I was unable to go and it broke my heart, but his dad gladly went and took some pictures for me.

My cowgirl Kalli, but now if you call her Kalli or Alfie (her nickname) or anything, she says, "No me Sis!" Whatever her name is you can see by these pictures she is a girl with attitude!

She is also my troublemaker, she is always getting into something. We have a playroom in our basement and forgot Colby had his markers down there. Thankfully all she colored on was herself, but that was bad enough. It was not only on her mouth but her tummy and legs too!


Peyton and Sawyers Place said...

Great pics, Julie! LOVE the marker pic! Yikes! Bet that was fun to clean off! ;)

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