Friday, July 23, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Today is the last day of swimming lessons and I can actually say my kids have learned a lot this year!

This picture cracks me up, its Colby and two of his best buddies! They are all smiles and I can only imagine what they are talking about!!!

Colby jumping off the diving board, I think he thought he could catch himself.

I did not plan on Kalli taking swimming lessons, she is only 3, but she wanted to so why not! She did it for 3 days out of the five. But she loves the water and did pretty good. We will try this class again next year and I have no doubt she will be swimming like a fish.


T-ball has came and gone already this year, summer is really flying by quick this year! This was Colby's first year and I think he enjoyed it!

Colby got to be catcher a few times, which kind of made me nervous!

I wish I could have captured the smile on his face on the first game, when he came around to home base, he was smiling EAR TO EAR!

Really getting into the game!

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Family Members

Zachary Edwin Einspahr was born May 30th to my sister Jennifer and her husband Clint. With everything going on I finally got to see him when he turned one month old! He is adorable!!

Both my kids LOVE babies, especially Colby. They were happy to meet there newest cousin and happy there is another boy!

Jennifer had to take the baby to the doctor so my mom and I kept an eye on the kids. A few more cousins stopped by for a visit while we were there.

Kalli and River have become pretty good buddies to say the least! They are so cute together!

Our newest toy!

Troy will probably kill me for posting this, but what the hay! I recently got a BRAND NEW NEVER BEEN TAKEN OUT OF THE BOX TRAMPOLINE FOR-GET THIS- $60!!!!! I have always wanted one, I never had one as a kid and thought they were so awesome, but Troy and I had talked about the dangers, but for $60 come on, who could pass it up. So since I haven't allowed Troy to take pictures of me jumping here is Troy and the kids on the tramp! Fun has been had by ALL!

Fishing on Father's Day!

I am a country girl through and through. I love to go fishing, but I don't know how to tie fancy knots and put on different lures. I just know how to put a worm on and throw it in the water and wait. Wait on a pond or river not on a boat in a big lake either, so I love the excuse to go take my dad fishing!!!

Kalli got a fishing pole for her birthday and she has turned into a fisher-woman!
Three of my favorite guys enjoying and relaxing, Colby, Troy and Dad!

Colby is usually the lucky one and always realing one in, but this trip he was having NO LUCK! He started to get mad and then realized there was fresh dirt, he had so much fun playing in the dirt, he is a 100% boy, no doubt!