Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My 1st Husker game!

My sister-in-law Sarah has known that I wanted to go to a Husker game, sometime in my life. She called me last Friday morning and asked what I was doing on Saturday. (When I answered my phone, I was on my knees working on building fence, sweating, dirty and even debated not answering my phone!) She had someone offer her free tickets and we couldn't pass up the opportunity, since neither of us had ever been to a game! It was calls all day, trying to line up babysitters (Cause Troy worked on weekend) and figuring it all out. Mind you as well this was the first time I had ever left my husband and kids overnight to go do something fun, not for work! It was a lot of fun and everyone survived!

The band and the Huskers running out of the tunnel and on to the field!

I have heard of the SEA OF RED, but it is something to see in person.

When we finally scored, everyone let go of there red balloons and it was pretty cool to see them all in the sky!

Thanks Sarah for the free tickets you got us, your awesome!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gone Fishing

Jessie's Baby Shower

My sisters and I helped Sabrina throw a baby shower for Jessie. It was fun and she received some very nice gifts. We can't wait for the new baby and Kalli is wondering when Jess is going to go to the store and get the baby, not sure where she got that idea from, but its pretty cute!

Above is the diaper cake I made!
Below: Jess with her aunts and great aunts that attended. (And Cadence!)

Fun loving sisters!

Chase County Fair

Have I ever told you all that I love fairs and festivals? Ya I have, but it is so true! We were at fair a LOT! We participated in events, ate food, rode rides, saw friends and neighbors, OH ya and had lots of fun. Here is a few pictures of our adventures!

Sarah and I in line for rides too!

Colby's first year showing a calf! I was so proud of him and extremely excited about him showing calves. My dad was in the stands watching with Kalli and he said he wished he would of had a camera to take a picture of me smiling from ear to ear!

Mutton Bustin!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We went camping this summer! Here is a mess of pictures from our adventures!